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2013-… Lessons at language schools 2013-… Lessons at language schools

Tätigkeit Universität Zaragoza Until 2012. University of Zaragoza: Spanish teacher for foreign students with different levels of the European Reference Framework.

My training and qualifications at the Universities Complutense of Madrid, Zaragoza and La Rioja:

Universität Zaragoza Spanisch als Fremdsprache 2010 Course: special training for Spanish teachers as a foreign language, University of Zaragoza

Rioja Methodik und Planung 2012 University specialist in teaching methodology and planning of Spanish courses as a foreign language, University of La Rioja.

Madrid Wirtschaftsspanisch 2012 Specialist in Business Spanish. University Complutense of Madrid.

Rioja Spanisch als Fremdsprache 2012 University specialist in grammar, vocabulary and pragmatics of Spanish as a foreign language. University of La Rioja